We all know that mornings are breathlessly busy. The plans made up on the night before somehow fail either because of the missing vegetables or the clock ticking way too fast. And, this is how the ready-mix breakfasts have entered our lives. They take just a few minutes to prepare, but the point everyone misses is that they are designed to be cheap, tasty and non-perishable, but not healthy. Named as Convenience Foods, they use corn syrup to make a product taste sweet, use salt to add flavor and the trans-fat usually present in these products make them non-perishable. It’s doesn’t take a lot of logic to conclude that of these ingredients are undoubtedly inorganic and unhealthy.

Everyone is slowly realizing the options of healthy foods, thanks to the internet. Don’t fall behind others in terms of health-consciousness. New varieties of breakfast cereals are now replacing the shelves of ready-made mixes. A few healthy, organic breakfast cereals that fall under the category of ‘quickie food’ and are also health-boosters are here. One of these is Upma, which is a South-Indian favorite. These organic upma varieties are sure to enthrall your taste-buds:

Sooji Rawa Upma Mix:

Sooji is a coarsely ground durum wheat, a variety of hard wheat. It has a great taste and a crunchy texture. It has a low glycemic index (GI) and is an ideal food that helps with weight loss. One of the best features of Sooji is that it is low on fat and high on carbohydrates. It is also an energy-booster, which makes an ideal breakfast for an active day. It has a good combination of vital vitamins, minerals making it a balanced diet. Most, importantly, it boosts the immunity system. A morning could never get any better when combined a Sooji Rawa Upma Mix with a steaming coffee.

Wheat Daliya Upma Mix:

Daliya is cracked/broken wheat obtained by milling whole kernels roughly. It is usually the next step after its clean-up and husking and hence it is considered as just another form of wheat with all nutrients intact. A cup of Wheat Daliya Upma, everyday lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure by nearly about 21 percent. Daliya is said to have the essential minerals that activate enzymes in our body. So, it is a great source to prevent the attack of type 2 diabetes by 30 percent. Try Daliya Upma with a dollop of coconut chutney, and see it how it melts in your mouth.

Foxtail Millets Upma Mix:

Foxtail Millets is the showstopper among all the healthy foods. It has all the qualities of above mentioned grains. Additionally it is known to reduce the effects of migraine and heart attack. It has a special mineral that calms the mood of the consumer. It covers for the missing proteins in a vegetarian’s diet. Foxtail Millets is a superfood and a smart carb with lots of fiber and fewer sugars. Foxtail Millets Upma with organic green tea as a side drink would make your day perfect.

Organic ready-mix breakfast cereals are a boon for the this generation. All the ingredients are organically produced, processed and packed unlike the convenience foods, which completely shoves aside the concept of healthy food. Convenience foods are expensive, high in calories, fat, sugar and salt which are difficult to control once the standard levels are crossed. Choose the healthy way of life with healthy breakfast choices.


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