Never before in recent memory has there been members of Congress behaved so inept in practically every regard. They have continued to miss the boat on every piece of legislation that has come out of Washington for the past 40 years. It is then no wonder why the United States has the greatest income inequality in our nations history. The half ass approach in this latest stimulus proposal is a prime example of how far removed they really are from the plight of millions of Americas.

Long before this Pandemic struck the financial implications that too many Americans face has been deteriorating to the point that the daily struggle to survive is a balancing act of whether to pay rent or mortgage or buy food. It is long since passed the time for our government to act and act with compassion, humility and humanity in regards to providing the necessary means for every American to be able to have the opportunity to climb up the ladder of economic mobility. But, no this so called stimulus bill that is currently being discussed in the halls of our capital falls way short of providing the necessary safety nets that would keep millions of Americans from falling into the abyss of poverty.

We have to always remind ourselves that in order to achieve great economic stability is adhering to the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution. That means having the great majority of a countries population having enough disposable income to spend, save, pay down debt and invest. In the United States we are so far removed form having economic stability which is causing the many problems we are currently facing. Today, is where we have the top 1% of our population controlling over 80% of the nations wealth. This unbalance is cause of much of the nations unrest, increased frustration, and instability. All of which currently is undermining the future for generations to come.

It is long since time for our elected officials to act in providing legislation that deals directly with the crisis that has already decimated our whole society. It is not just the Pandemic but all the other factors that have progressed the majority of Americans into dire financial situations from which there is no viable means of escaping. What is needed today is for Congress to pass a stimulus bill with the provisions that include direct infusion of readily available cash of $1500 per month for 12 months for all, along with shoring up unemployment benefits. Other aspects provided in this stimulus bill must include Medicare for All, AKA Universal Health Care, enforced moratorium on evictions for 12 months, and increased funding for SNAP.

The current proposal fails to address the real threat to our way of life. Aside from the enormous health and medical crisis facing not only America but the entire world there is an ever encroaching tsunami of financial catastrophe heading directly toward our future. And, we had better address this fact that if we fail to implement the much need progressive reforms this financial tsunami will sweep over the entire world bringing untold collateral damage that will paralyze every industrial country.

The handwriting has already been on the wall for years and yet legislators continually are to blind to see what is actually occurring right under their noses. The deep divisions that exist in our nation today are a direct result of past policies, legislation and forced mandates that have made the United States fall into a cataclysm of sociological deterioration. The cohesiveness that once brought unity of purpose within has deteriorated within the past forty years. It has deteriorated to the point that without a concise plan of direction for short term relief of this medical emergency, provide economic and financial aid to millions of Americans this rising tide of financial distress will sweep across the country. A catastrophe on the scope not seen since the Great Depression will be the direct result of what our congress will have failed to deliver to the American public.



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